Birds of a Feather


Elaine has been breeding and caring for parrots for over 40 years, and in those years has learned the amazing intelligence and joy these birds can give to any human owner.

The primary focus of the operation is the breeding of macaws (Military Macaws, Blue and Gold Macaws, Blue-throated Macaws, Green-winged Macaws), but some Palm Cockatoos, Galah Cockatoos  and Queen of Bavaria Conures are also bred on the premises.

All birds are hand-reared until they are ready to go to new homes. This normally results in a much tamer bird that is comfortable with people.Birds are sold throughout South Africa and are also exported to other countries. Contact Elaine to enquire about pricing and availability.


From stretched wings to hand feeding chicks, browse photos of our birds.

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~ Elaine Whitwam