A fable and a vision of love…

Our Story

This legend is about a grumpy old lady that lives high on a hill, with all her amazing animals and birds. One day, when she looked in a mirror and saw this angry woman staring back at her, she decided that she wanted to change. And so started an amazing journey through many different lands and experiences. The first journey took her to a place high in the mountains of Barberton, where a strange round structure lay next to a running brook. She walked along this path which meandered round and round, past beautiful old trees. She soon became weary and leant against a tree next to the circular path. As she did so, she felt an electrical current come surging through her. She spinned around to confront whatever was attacking her. Then she realised that this surging energy was a love tap from the tree itself. With wonder and joy, on her journey home, she resolved to build a similar circle on her small croft and farm. And so came the Labyrinth at Highcroft into being.

The meditation room or chapel is a 100 year old building that is held in place by a magnificent tree. 

The inspiration for the Highcroft Labyrinth came from an amazing experience that our Matron, Elaine Whitman had while walking a labyrinth in Barberton many moons ago.

The next journey of enlightenment came via a dream and vision about a place where people could stay in little chalets, next to a waterfall. There they could also rest and experience the wonder of the water, the trees, and the land as it spoke to them, just as she had felt it high in the hills of Barberton. When she awoke the next morning she was torn between wanting to go back to being her old grumpy, lonely self, or continuing this unfolding journey. Well, as all fairy tales go, she took the next step along the unknown winding path. When she asked the Master to please tell her whether this was the right path, He sent her bags of money, and a master builder who knew her every wish. Within a few months the chalets and the waterfall came alive with the love and understanding of all her new friends that gathered around her.

Her last wish also came true, because as the Retreat took shape one building at a time, another beautiful old tree, that had held and supported an old building on Highcroft for many years, got an opportunity to also communicate it’s love to all the people as they  came to meditate around it.

The miracles on the many winding paths around Highcroft occur daily, and the little old lady marvels at all the new friends that she meets along the way.

A few years ago another major turn came on her path. After experiencing a major traumatic event, she realised it was time to LIVE again. She pursues her passion and connects psychically with the Universal Energy. She practices clairvoyance in some of the Spiritual sanctuaries in KZN. She also consults and provides healing modalities at Highcroft Retreat. Her passion for animal communication allows her to consult all over South Africa and overseas. This is the fairy tale of my life, as every day brings new learning and new adventures. With great love and joy.
Elaine Whitwam
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