My personal awareness has expanded over the last year

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Spiritual | 0 comments

Good day, what an amazing beautiful crisp day. I wanted to say how grateful I AM on how my personal awareness has expanded over the last year due to the input of all the teachers that have given of their time and knowledge.

The course on kabbala has created in me an even greater psychic awareness of everything…what did the bee in my room mean…how did I know that the tree would fall…why was I delayed from leaving the house… etc.  But and this is a big BUT, following the tree of life and the paths that join the Sephiroth of for example, wisdom with that of balance or why do the higher realms of the Universe work as they do, or what are the Laws of the Universe, is sometimes really difficult. To face the fact that nothing in MY world is not caused by ME and is usually because I resist change. That’s the difficult part, and it takes dedication and warriorship.

So, IF you want to be part of making a difference in your world and also the world around you, Highcroft and the many courses we offer will make your journey exciting but not always easy. I would suggest that if you would like to participate in anything, and our times and days don’t suit you, let us know and we can run them again to suit your requirements for a minimum of 5 people.

The Wednesday evening classes on health and detox have given everyone a great knowledge and will be repeated. Our upcoming course on the higher learning of the Magick we have at our fingertips on how to be aware of where we fit into this matrix of life…to notice…to learn that the only control we have is of ourselves. But when we change ourselves the world around us can also change.

Exciting stuff. See you all soon. Great love to all. Elaine and Highcroft Team.

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