Military Macaw

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Military Macaw (ara Militaris)

ara – strong; militaris – belonging to a soldier


The military macaw occurs in the tropical zone of Columbia, northwestern Venezuela, eastern Ecuador and northern Peru. The populations are fragmented according to field observations and this macaw might be under serious threat in the wild.

General Facts

Weight862 – 1074 gmsLength67 – 73 cms
Wingspan99 – 109 cmsEggs laidWhite 1 – 3
Reproductive maturity2,5 – 4 yearsIncubation26 – 28 days
Egg size46 x 33 mmFledging12 weeks

Breeding in my Aviaries

The hen of my breeding pair was not hand raised but she is so tame and really enjoys being handled. The cock was hand reared and is very fierce and completely wild. This pair are erratic breeders to date, having double clutched in their first year with one fertile and two fertile eggs respectively. Babies are very effectionate, but do not remain so if not constantly handled in their adolescent period. Military macaws are really bright affectionate birds and remain one of my favourites.

Aviaries are large and long and I find the birds use all the space. They are found on the ground quite often digging in the river sand and I think it’s important for them. Males tend to be more aggressive especially to the handler in the breeding season. I find that they are NOT noisy birds and are seldom heard above the other birds.

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