Green-Winged Macaws

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Green Wing Macaw (ara Chloroptera)

ara – strong; chloro – green; ptera – wing


Occurs over a large range of South America in lowland forest and woodlands. In Tambopata Nature area they occur in larger numbers than Blue and Gold Macaws, and are often seen on the large clay lick in the area. I observed upwards of 100 birds on one occassion and after a while, in the blink of an eye, these beautiful large red birds melted into the forest. Except for their loud calls they were almost invisible.

General Facts

Weight1250 – 1700 gmsLength68 – 94 cms
Wingspan91 – 99 cmsEggs laidWhite 1 – 3
Reproductive maturity3 – 5 yearsIncubation26 – 28 days

Breeding in my Aviaries

The green-wing macaw is definitely my favourite macaw. I have an 8-year-old pair that have not bred yet, and they still enjoy a cuddle. As babies, they are irresistible and very difficult to part with. So the right owner is very carefully selected. Even though I have 4 pairs, only two pairs have bred and I would say they are the most erratic of my breeding macaws. Again when purchasing a greenwing macaw as a pet, I feel that one should always be prepared to breed with them when they mature. They are large heavy birds and are not suitable to carry around. They need a large holding aviary in which to amuse themselves when the owner is not home.

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