Blue-Throated Macaws

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The blue-throated macaw is also known as the Caninde macaw or Wagler’s macaw.

General Facts

Weight600 – 800 gmsLength61 – 74 cms
Wingspan91 – 99 cmsEggs laidWhite 1 – 4
Reproductive maturity3 – 5 yearsIncubation26 – 28 days

Breeding in my Aviaries

I purchased a breeding pair as well as a young hen with a proven 8-year-old cock. The breeding pair have been prolific breeders and the other pair bred when the hen was 5 years old and have also given me clutches of 4 babies. They are very special medium-sized macaws as they have lovely natures and really enjoy a lot of handling and love. I feel, due to their highly endangered status, that they should not be sold as pets. I think one should enjoy them as a pet for a few years with the purpose of eventually breeding with them.

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