Blue and Gold Macaw

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Blue and Gold Macaw (ara Ararauna)

ara – strong; ararauna – Brazilian tupi name


They inhabit a large area of northern South America and enjoy seasonally flooded forest areas, palm swamps and deciduous woodlands. Observing Blue and Golds in the Tambopata Nature area, I felt that they were not as prolific as Greenwings. I observed their nests which were located in very tall dead palm trunks situated in a swamp area. The pair I watched from a tall observation platform in this area, were extremely wary of us, since we were almost at their level as they moved about in the top of these huge palm trees. They were accompanied by miniature chestnut macaws who seemed to be their watchdogs and warned them of our every move.

General Facts

Weight900 – 1200 gmsLength81 – 89 cms
Wingspan106 – 113 cmsEggs laidWhite 1 – 4
Reproductive maturity2,5 – 3 years

Breeding in my Aviaries

In my experience, the Blue and Golds take upwards of 12 years before they start breeding, but once started seem the most consistent of my breeders. I would recommend these even-tempered, loving, and easy-going macaws to anyone as a pet, but suggest that, when they are not with the handler, they have a nice big aviary to play in. My Blue and Golds used to climb trees with my kids, weed the lawn with me, and roam the garden under supervision until about six years of age. Then I paired them up and started weaning them from me until they started laying at about twelve years of age.

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