Chartres Labyrinth

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Many years ago, I was on a holiday in the Barberton area, when my daughter suggested we go and walk a Labyrinth. I immediately replied that I would go shopping. In surprise my daughter who knew I was an avid non shopper, asked why. The answer was that I did not enjoy “getting lost”. Of course I had mistaken, as so many do, the difference between a maze and a Labyrinth. A maze is something you get lost in and a Labyrinth is something you find yourself in. Profound!!!

We journeyed up the mountain to this Labyrinth built next to a running clear stream, with all the natural trees carefully preserved. The path meandered around these magnificent trees.  I started to walk this CHARTRES labyrinth but soon took time out and leant against one of the trees. Jumping away as this electrical shock hit me, thinking it was a hairy caterpillar that had stung me, I swirled around. But there was nothing there to sting me.

I realised that the shock I had felt was the energy of the tree. There and then I decided that no matter how much it would cost I was going to build a Labyrinth on my farm in Natal. The owners of the Barberton Labyrinth encouraged and assisted me and Highcroft Labyrith came into being. They sent crystals and ancient artifacts from Barberton which were buried under the foundation.  I believe we are energetically connected to the Barberton labyrinth with Ley lines intersecting the Highcroft Labyrinth, a huge vortice of energy and spreading and connecting to all other energy centres around the world.

Building the Highcroft Labyrinth
Building the Highcroft Labyrinth

This realisation comes from another fact. I decided to search google earth for the  reciprocal Latitude/Longitude co-ordinates in the Northern Hemisphere based on a search by Linda Tucker who wrote the book “The Mystery of the White Lions.” She discovered the inter-connectedness of all spiritual sites connected to the sacred energy of the White Lions.

The northern mirror site of Highcroft is halfway between Alexandria on the coast in Egypt and Cairo. The area is dotted with a great number of monasteries and religious sites. It is also believed that the holy family visited the area and Wadi( water hole) during their flight into Egypt.

But even more interesting is that Highcroft Labyrinth is 20 meters above sea level and the land in the northern destination is…….20 meters above sea level.

In walking this sacred path, this spiritual meditation enables the seeker to connect to their own higher consciousness. There is no right or wrong way to walk this amazing labyrinth. Based on the circle, the universal symbol for unity and wholeness, the labyrinth  sparks the  human imagination, enlivens the intuitive part  of our nature and builds a sense of relationship one to another.

Quote from: Walking a Sacred Path. Dr Lauren Artress
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